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Immaculate Heart of Mary's Hermitage

Confraternity of the Precious Blood Rosary

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of Jesus, Mary and Joseph
is carried by Confraternity Members in a League of Novena Prayer
NOVENA means any nine consecutive days or nine consecutive Fridays of prayer for a special intention.
MEDAL shows Jesus shedding His Blood on the Cross...Mary at left: "Behold Thy Mother"... and at right Joseph: "Go to Joseph." This medal daily reminds us to live in the presence of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and to put all our trust in them.
                                Ind. 7 years and
                                       7 quaranties

The Rosary of our Blessed Mother is the framework of the meditations on the Precious Blood. There are fifteen Mysteries (of His Joys, Sorrows, and Glories).

The Rosary is a pilgrimage on which Mary accompanies us to the Holy Places sanctified by Christ's Life, Death, Resurrection.

AS A DAILY PRAYER it is the prayer dearest to Our Lady. The oftener we say it, the more we shall love it. It brings us the special blesssing of God, particularly when the family recities it together. On Indulgenced Beads, it is powerful in relieving souls in purgatory.


TO JESUS THROUGH MARY. In each of the five Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries, Mary shows us a picture of Christ. We shall meditate on it. We shall also ask for the grace each Mystery suggest.

<<Monday, Thursday>>
1) ANNUNCIATION - to obtain humility. 2) VISITATION - to obtain LOVE for neighbor. 3) BIRTH OF CHRIST - obatin Detachment from World. 4) PRESENTATION OF JESUS - to obtain Respect for Authority. 5) FINDING OF JESUS - to obatin Love of Jesus.

<<Tuesday, Friday>>
1) AGONY OF JESUS - to obtain Resignation to God's Will. 2) SCOURGING - to obtain Spirit of Purity. 3) CROWNING WITH THORNS - to obatin Moral Courage. 4) CARRYING OF CROSS - to obatin Patience in Adversity. 5) CRUCIFIXION - to obtain Sorrow for Sin.

<<Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday>>
1) RESURRECTION - to obtain Increase of Faith. 2) ASCENSION - to obtain Increase of Hope. 3) DESCENT OF THE HOLY GHOST - to obtain Increase of Love. 4) ASSUMPTION - to obatin Devotion to Mary. 5) CROWNING OF MARY - to obtain Grace of Perseverance.


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