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11:15 pm               Rise
11:30 pm               Matins and Lauds of the Blessed Virgin Mary
                            Matins followed by Lauds. 
                            Then back to Sleep
6:30 am                 Rise
7:00 am                 Prime
8:00 am                 Holy Mass
                            Lectio Divina
10:00 am               Terce
11:30 am               Holy Rosary
11:45 am               Angelus
12:00 pm               Sext 
                            Study & Light Meal
2:00  pm                None
3:00  pm                Chaplets of Divine Mercy    
3:30  pm                 Holy Rosary
3:45  pm                 Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus (Sunday)
                             Litany of Loreto (Monday)
                             Litany of the Holy Ghost (Tuesday)
                             Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus(Wednesday)
                             Litany of the Precious Blood (Thursday)
                             Litany of the Sacred Heart (Friday)
                             Litany of the Blessed Virgin (Saturday)
  4:00 pm                Vespers
                             Lectio Divina
  6:00 pm                Chores/Free Time/Meal
  7:45 pm                Complines                  
  9:45 pm                Bedtime

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